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Mission Statement

Our motto is, "Roofing the Right Way!". Some people read this and think we are talking about installing roofs properly. However, it goes much deeper than that! Yes, we strive to put the best roof on as possible, but there are many other levels involved. 

We disagree with the unethical tactics and practices of the "Storm Chaser" roofer. We will never use any type of pressuring or scare tactic to sale a job. We have a section on most of our contracts where we can request a 3rd party be involved if we feel a property owner may not understand fully what is transpiring. We never want anyone to feel any other way except confident in knowing we will do our best to take care of their roof and insurance claim needs.

We do not agree with playing a numbers game with insurance claims. Some companies think it necessary to file an unneeded claim. Also, some guys feel it is necessary to manufacture storm damage to get an insurance adjuster to approve the replacement. That is HIGHLY unethical! We have become a very trusted company for a reason! WE DO NOT PLAY GAMES! We do not advise calling in a claim unless there is actual storm damage. If we inspect a roof, rest assured that your roof will be in the same shape when we step off as there was when we stepped on to it. 

If you have someone knock on your door asking if they can inspect your roof, ask them questions regarding their licensing and insurances. If they happen to fall off, will you be held liable? Also, if you allow them to inspect your roof, WATCH THEM! If you see them damage your roof in any way on purpose, contact your insurance provider. There are steps that can be taken to have your roof repaired when acts of vandalism occur.